Lighting for Farm Facilities

Lighting for barns, milking parlors, storage areas, halls, sheds and also outdoor lighting

Lighting for Farm Facilities

Lack of daylight, especially in the autumn-winter period, inevitably leads to a decrease in the productivity of the farms. The solution to this problem is the use of artificial light.

Well-designed illumination in the livestock facilities not only has beneficial effects on livestock yields and animal wellbeing but also provides a safer workplace for farmers during the period of reduced daylight.

Considering all these aspects FARMTEC provides professional lights for farms. Our LED luminaires FARMSVIT are manufactured taking into account the specific requirements of the industry – they are dustproof, protected from moisture, and the effects of chemically aggressive environments. To enhance the efficiency of the herd, we provide also lights with a combined operation system – day and night (red) lighting. 

Advantages of FARMSVIT luminaires:

  • The metal body of the lights ensures long-term durability
  • LEDs prove to be brighter than incandescent bulbs and last much more longer
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • The separate storage of the source guarantees proper cooling
  • Energy-saving LED lights
  • Affordable prices

A part of the price offer is of course a lighting project.

We also offer a range of FARMSVIT – LED outdoor luminaires for street lighting of premises.

Well-designed illumination in the barn has beneficial effects on livestock yields and animal welfare

Verified in practice
Long service life
Made in the Czech Republic

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