Roll Up (rolling) Doors

Roll-up doors are essential not only in barns but also in other farm buildings


  • Simple construction
  • Sophisticated side guides
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy maintenance


  • Resistant material – against all weather conditions.
  • Stable construction – galvanized side guiding grooves.


  • Canvas – transparent, translucent, net.
  • Range of colors – green, blue, white
  • Profiles – asymmetric profiles / symmetric profiles.
Rull up doors

Roll up doors

Not only for barns

FARMTEC manufactures high-quality rolling doors for barns and other buildings. Our doors, among other things, obtain several features. Above all, the doors are made of durable materials. Further, they come in a range of colors and are weather-resistant. Moreover, they protect barns against the wind, rain, and other weather conditions and serve as an additional source of ventilation. In addition, the rolling doors come with a tent as a protection against rain and snow, as well as a portable hand lever for lifting up and down the gate in the case of a power or drive failure.

There are two options of roll-up door control: manual control (simple and economical, using a circuit) or electric drive control (a combination of electric control and remote control).

Roll up doors
Roll up doors
Verified in practice
Long service life
Made in the Czech Republic

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