Mobile Chicken Coop

Mobile chicken coop is a new energy-efficient technology for year-round outdoor chicken breeding

Mobile Chicken Coop

Advantages of new mobile coops

  • Year-round outdoor breeding
  • Mobility – easy handling 
  • Energy self-sufficiency 
  • Profitability – fast return on investment

The coops are equipped with:

  1. Smart technology
  • Protection against freezing or overheating of the chicken coop
  • Capacity sensors
  • Remote monitoring system by the means of mobile or tablet
  • Alarming red light above the coop: a flashing red light from afar will pay the farmers attention to an unusual situation in the coops.
  1. Computer unit that enables automatic or manual control of the following parameters:
  • Water and food availability
  • Opening and closing of the chicken nests
  • Opening and closing of chicken coop entrance gate from the paddock
  • Lighting of the chicken coop
  • Electric fence
  • Possibility of communication with the computer unit by means of mobile phone.
  1. Solar panels and 12V battery
  • For lighting
  • To power the computer unit
  • To power the electric fence
  1. Storage space
  • Space for storage items which should always be at hand
  1. Nipple drinking system
  • by gravity from a tank with a volume of 670 l
  • can be equipped with minimal water quantity sensor
  • Water supply for one week
  • Easily maintained trough
  1. Feeding system with tanks on the wall of the chicken coop
  • Can be equipped with minimal food sensor
  • Food stock for one week
  1. Lighting in the upper and lower part of the loop
  • With manual or automatic control
  1. Nesting boxes for laying eggs
  • Equipped with tarpaulin curtains and bedding to keep the eggs clean

9. The eggs are collected from the outer side of the coop (without entering inside) so as not to disturb the hens.

  • Easily opened lids
  • Lockable
Mobile chicken coops
Mobile chicken coops
Mobile chicken coops
Mobile chicken coops
Mobile chicken coops
Mobile chicken coops
Mobile chicken coops
Mobile chicken coops

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