Milking Parlor PARALLEL

We also offer a structure of a milking parlor without electronic devices

Advantages of FARMTEC milking parlors PARALLEL:

  • Wide range of sizes: from 2×3 up to 2×24
  • Individual choice of equipment level.
  • Rectangular or trapezoidal milking pit.
  • Suitable for small buildings: width of the
    stall is only 700mm.
  • Durable construction: all the elements
    are made of stainless steel or are hot-dip

  • A wide range of additional and accompanying equipment: cow pushers, selection gates, stain less steel heated water troughs.
  • Sophisticated construction for convenience and safety of the personnel.
  • Milking parlors up to 2×8 are served by only one person
  • Stable and robust construction with minimal
  • mainte nance costs.
  • The front section of the structure is
    convertible and is suitable for low
  • The pneumatic elements are not
    accessible for cows and are
    protected from water ingress.
  • The BOXER pneumatic cylinder
    provides cows with a safe fixation
    during milking, as well as a rapid
    exit after the end of the milking.
  • The frame of the milking parlor can be
    provided of stainless steel or hot-dip
  • The edges of the milking parlor are
    covered with a plastic cover – to ensure
    the comfort and safety of the personnel.
  • The defecting pan is equipped with an
    automatic flushing function after each
    group of animals.
  • Reliable and convenient pneumatic
    management (entrance gate, rapid exit).
  • Safety voltage of control valves 24V DC.
  • An additional waste channel can be
    placed behind the rapid exit.
  • A small step behind the rapid exit
    enables cows to leave the milking
    parlor faster.

Milking parlor PARALLEL

Milking parlor PARALLEL
Milking parlor PARALLEL
Milking parlor PARALLEL
Verified in practice
Long service life
Made in the Czech Republic

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